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professional help -vs- months of frustration

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You’re not a designer, so stop trying to figure it all out!

You can bang your head against a wall trying to tweak your website for months, or you can trust in the process of someone who does this professionally.

Here’s how it works...

3 steps to a better website:

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step 1: The analysis

I look over your website’s design and break down exactly what’s working, but more importantly where you’re going wrong and specifically how to improve.

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step 2: one hour consultation

I speak with you (preferably in real time) and explain how to improve your site’s design in clear, straight forward terms. I don’t just focus on the aesthetics, but crucially on how to use design to drive you more business, stand out in your market and improve your online brand.

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step 3: the report

Our consultation is followed by a detailed written report outlining all my suggestions. The perfect reference document as you take your site to the next level.

i’ve helped hundreds of people improve their websites over more than a decade. here’s what they have to say:

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"Tom combines a rare perceptiveness about effective design with an ability to quickly communicate what should be changed and why. One hour of working with him saved months of trying and failing on my own and I am that much further ahead with my business because of it. The only hesitancy I would have in recommending Tom is that I would prefer he remain one of the best kept secrets in the industry. I plan on working with Tom again soon." - Nick Gentle (NZ Property Ventures)
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"Tom's feedback was awesome. I thought I had it nailed, but he pointed out things that I wasn't aware of. He was honest in his critique  but professional and straight-forward. No fluff. Just an experienced guy who knows what he's doing." - Dee Copeland Patience (Lipstick Unplugged)
"I was a little apprehensive about having my site come under scrutiny, I knew that there were a lot of things I wanted to change but didn't know where to start. Tom's review gave me a vision to work from. I love how much cleaner the front page is and how it encourages readers to visit archived content. By having something to look at, I know that I'll be able to redesign the website much quicker than if it had been left up to me to say what I wanted!" - Harrison Amy (Blogger)
"Before Tom did a review about my blog, I thought it was almost perfect but I was totally wrong, the moment Tom made the verdict about my blog, I was astonished and my thoughts were wrong, my blog definitely needs a slight overhaul. Kudos to Tom and his drive and efforts in helping other webmasters improve their sites/blogs." - Herbert Kikoy (Two Sided Perspective)
"After seeing Tom's review of my site it made me realize that I was making my users work too hard for information. It made me start thinking from the users point-of-view instead of a designers." - Jonathan (Gym DJ)
"Rather than ditch the design completly, Tom has taken all the best elements of the site and worked with them to give a new clear and simple design. The new design is uncluttered, easy to follow, items such as social icons stand out and everything is easy and clear to read. This light handed touch is something we would never have thought of. It has worked incredibly well with a lot of visitors saying it is a big improvement over the old design. Tom has been able to improve the website with a light touch and with changing or moving elements we had not even considered." - Herbert Kikoy (Two Sided Perspective)
“It has worked incredibly well with a lot of visitors saying it is a big improvement over the old design.”
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"Tom provided me with a thorough design review that allowed me to see my website with new eyes.  He picked out problems and offered practical solutions that enabled me to create a clear plan for updating my design. Thanks to Tom I now know exactly what I need I do to take my website to the next level. " - Stephanie Arsoska (Story Bramble)
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"Tom helped me optimize my sales page when I had absolutely no sales. Since then, I did not only increase the price among other changes, I began to have sales!. As a nice surprise, my subscriber base began to increase at a faster rate than usual. Tom is very knowledgeable and his insight will sure help anyone who needs more sales, which I think is everyone." - Nathan Liao (CMA Coach)
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of how I improved nz property ventures site in 1 hour

i’ll help you to improve your website. guaranteed. take action now for just $197.

You can drop me an email below. There is no money up front. To start, I just want to know a little about you and your website to see if we’ll be a good fit. From there, let me help you take your site to the next level.

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I’m only interested in giving you real, actionable results. If our 1 hour consultation isn’t the most helpful information you’ve ever received for your website then I’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

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These days there is no excuse to have an ugly, poor performing website. A weak design costs you visitors and customers.

I’ve written a comprehensive email course guaranteed to help improve your website’s design. In it I’ll cover the 10 design mistakes that I see 99% of people making, and show you exactly what you should be doing to fix them.